Hello world!

Having just started this blog and been presented with the default title “hello world” it seemed appropriate to start with that since in the days when I still had time to write code, that’s where you always started when learning a new language.

The basic formula of learning to create a new application, compile it, and see “hello world” appear in green characters on a VT terminal seem like magic. Since then, I’ve probably written more hello world program’s than I care to remember , x86 assembler, c, c++, java , fortran to name a few.

This fascination started, I think like a lot of people my age , with the zx81 . Before that my concept of computers was what I’d seen on sci-fi programs or images of rooms with banks of magnetic tape.

Those early machines engendered a real passion for computing in all it’s aspects hardware ( I can remember soldering a memory module together that periodically overheated then finally blew up – but it didn’t matter because I’d built it ) , software ( spending hours typing code listings from magazines to find you’d filled up the RAM and the machine crashed.

I hope there will come a time in my career where I can sit back and enjoy writing code for the pleasure of creating something – who knows how I’ll be rendering “hello world” in 20 years time – maybe a hologram in the middle of my lounge which would bring me full circle back to seeing Princess Leia projected from R2 D2 in 1977 .

So printf (“hello world \n”)