Make air travel better , not just securer .

I’m off to America again today , Chicago in fact. However I’ve not even left the ground and its been a bumpy ride already.

It started yesterday when I went to check in on line. My flight was booked through BA, but the plane is actually AA and in todays technological age they can’t get their act together to allow people to check in online.

This means I’m stuck with a middle seat in the centre of the plane for 8 1/2 hours .. If I end up with screaming kids or a fat person ( no offence intended , but its uncomfortable when the person next to you takes up 1.5 seats. ) I’ll jump.

I’d booked a train ticket to get from home to Manchester airport, but of course it’s Sunday so the are no trains before 9.30 !

Anyway , I got myself to the airport. Looking forward to Chicago.

30 mins queue to check in – waiting to be asked security questions – I wonder what they’d do if I said I hadn’t packed my bag myself – and it only seems to be the AA queue they insist on this extra security .

The queue to actually get through security was ridiculous for 8 am on a Sunday . You end up feeling like cattle being herded – I certainly don’t feel like a customer .

That’s what’s missing – airports make me feel like I should be thankful they have let me board their plane. Not like I’m a customer who has paid considerable amounts of money to be degraded, herded and ripped off when I have to pay £1 for 2 plastic bags – but I’m only allowed to take one through security .

Travel, can and should be a pleasure. We obsess too much on trying to make the world a safer place ( and judging by the number of staff on security a more profitable place for whoever owns the airport ) – rather than trying to make it a better place.

Well here’s looking forward to 3 hours of queuing for immigration at the other side.

I think I’ll start my own airline and airports that work like a bus, walk in , get on , get off. … If we all clubbed together, who’d stop us.